It's me Magdalena

Hi, I’m Magdalena, I come from charming little city of Opole in Poland. I am a mom, who is adventurous, foodie loving and at heart, an artist. I believe that being happy is an attitude rather than an external influence. And I believe that „happiness“ is something that is very individual.

In 2011, I was overwhelmed by the desire for the big city and change. Quite spontaneously, I packed up one bag and moved to Frankfurt am Main. I love this city, but I got job near Düsseldorf, so I moved again. One year ago, I become a mommy of the cutest boy ever! My life changed completely again. The juggling act that everyone always talks about when it comes to balancing work, family, your inner self along with new and different expectations created ups and downs, times when I wanted to embrace the world joyfully and times when I doubted everything. Still have those feelings! I have to deal with the modern life of young women, with family life, friendships, love, single-mom life and a new partnership.

I am very sad to hear every now and then how our meals with meats are produced. Animals are living, breathing creatures, with feelings! I don’t want to show you drastic videos from meat farms because there is a lot of info on the Internet. I want to inspire you to go plant based to help stop this cruelty and discover amazing, sensual new tastes, like I did! Vegan is sexy, definitely healthy and sooooo yummy! Let me show you this!

Also, let’s do art together! We can paint, discover, inspire, share thoughts, themes, stories that show the beauty of this world. That will make you feel good.

My vision is that every time you are on this site you are a little bit happier, more inspired than before so that you might carry a little smile on your lips, go through your day with more ease and be filled with joy.

I’m also looking forward to your input. Let’s share things that give us „positive vibes.“ Let’s start the #playcook_with_me movement together.

I’m looking forward to a lot of sunshine, which we gather here in search of happiness.

Love always,