What we eat affects our beauty, health and well-being. Food can be a way to fight a variety of illnesses or just support treatment. The consumption of certain products and the appropriate selection in our menu may also have an effect on our libido.  Depending what you consume, there are good or bad effects.

Aphrodisiacs have been used by every culture from the ancient Persians to the Aztecs to boost sexual desire. But, do these supposed love potions really work?

Start your seduction early in the morning

It is good to prepare earlier for our great performance in the evening. Start with solid breakfast, giving your body all ingredients to nourish your body and libido. Why not serve breakfast in bed?

  • Celery a great ingredient in salads, cocktails, meat dishes, and also perfect as an appetizer. Celery contains natural pheromones that work mainly on women, attracting them almost as a magnet to the partner of the opposite sex. The amino acids and vitamins contained in it neutralize the action of free radicals, facilitate the flow of blood in our body, while increasing sexual efficiency. What about celery juice in the morning? To get great taste, mix it with apple, lemon or orange. So delicious!

Warm up the body and stimulate the senses

In the evening a good way to increase your libido can be warming tea with ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla or nutmeg. These spices perfectly stimulate the senses, pamper us with scent, improve blood flow, warm up our bodies and sensitize them to touch, thereby increasing the sexual experience.

  • Cinnamon – mostly used for to cakes and desserts, perfectly enriches the taste of meat and works well as an additive for warming drinks. It has an antiseptic effect, strengthens immunity, supports the immune system and its scent perfectly awakens our senses and imagination. Cinnamon also improves circulation and is a powerful antioxidant, which strengthens our body, gives us energy and stimulates it.
  • Ginger supports our nervous and respiratory systems, improves circulation, improves our heart and brain function, accelerates digestion, is a pain killer and helps with winter cold symptoms. Improving circulation also works well in bloody intimate places warming up our body, while enhancing and prolonging the sexual experience. Its smell in turn encourages us to be close to each other and perfectly seductive.
  • Cardamom extract is considered a natural pheromone. It is also a component of many perfumes. Cardamom helps cure throat infections, control cholesterol, improve our circulation and digestive systems, neutralizes free radicals, refreshes our breath and stimulates and improves our mood. It improves and influences our sexual activity. Its unusual smell can awaken our imagination and light up our senses.
  • Cloves have a strong aromatic scent, added to winter beverages. They perfectly fulfil their function, improving blood flow, adding a great heat, while also stimulating to action and seducing us with their unusual aroma, which can create a unique atmosphere.
  • Vanilla a sweet sensual scent that seduces, loosens, relaxes and soothes our senses. It arouses us, awakening the desire to be near our love and makes us feel positive. Improving the work of the circulatory system also works favourably on our body condition while improving our sexual performance.
  • Nutmeg the spice of lovers, is known for improving sexual potency. It improves circulation and enhances our libido. However, do not overdo it with the amount of nutmeg because excessive use can be harmful.

Aphrodisiacs are not only great for nourishing our bodies with important vitamins and microelements. They can also inspire our imagination and bring us into special sexy moods. Think about peaches, figs, bananas or asparagus. The specific shape of these foods and their aroma can stimulate our senses.

However, they do not work miracles.

Well-balanced meals are the key. You need the right amount of vitamins, especially vitamins E, C, D and those of group B. Include minerals zinc, selenium, manganese, iron and magnesium, and amino acids for proper functioning of the whole organism, including your genitals. They can also be sexy elements on your date with which you will try to seduce your partner.

But remember, good food is not everything! What you need to have is a great love life.

If you live in chronic stress and have a problem with your partner, you can’t talk about your needs and solve problems. Aphrodisiacs can’t do much for you. Start slowly, with a great aphrodisiac breakfast, build the atmosphere of intimacy and lust, gently seducing each other today or every day (why not?). Also remember that a low libido can be a side effect of many diseases that are accompanied by vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hormonal disturbances, or mood deprivation. It is worth it to check these problems with your doctor. Perhaps the solution will be to implement appropriate treatment.

I am sure that if you are going to increase amount of aphrodisiacs in your diet, you will feel and look sexier, which means you can be the best lover she/he ever had!

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