Today’s interview is with Jenna, founder of Life in Düsseldorf. She was born and raised in a small city outside of Toronto, Canada. Jenna relocated to Düsseldorf, Germany in 2014 as a Content Creator and Social Media Manager. After having a rather rough start integrating into the local communit.

She created the website Life in Düsseldorf as a way for other newcomers to feel at home and for long-term expats to interact and share their own insider tips.

1. What are your favourite memories of food from your childhood?

Homecooked meals always win when it comes to favourite childhood food memories. But not the delicious meals that my parents spent hours slaving over a hot kitchen stove for, no, the cheap/easy to make meals, crazy meals like Mac n’ Cheese with chopped up hot dogs or instant noodle with broccoli.

2. Do you know the meaning of the word aphrodisiac? Do you believe that natural aphrodisiacs as food work?

Yes, sure! I must be honest and admit that I’ve never tried or tested whether this theory really does work, but I do know that when eating certain foods there can be a serious reverse effect (i.e. having no libido and just wanting to sit in your pyjamas and eat chips all night long).

I tend to believe that a nice light and delicious meal helps to increase the libido whereas a heavy hearty homecooked meal often does the reverse.

3.  What is the most romantic place you ever been to and what were you eating?

There are many places in the world that are romantic, but it always depends on the time, place and who you’re with. For me, I found Thailand to be a wonderful and romantic place, sitting on the beach sipping coconut water and eating a small portion of Pad Thai while watching the sunset.

4. How do you imagine a perfect romantic dinner?

My perfect romantic dinner would be hearty and delicious, without the hefty calories. A 4-course meal with white wine and an aperitif would be splendid. Preferably at home or somewhere along the beach with a perfect view of the sun setting.

5. Are there any foods you would like to try? Are there any foods you wouldn’t like to try?

I’ve never been a particularly huge fan of seafood, so I wouldn’t mind keeping that off the menu. I also don’t have any dire cravings to try anything new, though if I were to dream of eating something again soon, it would be chicken momos from Nepal!

6.  Do you like cooking? What do you usually cook for yourself?

I do like cooking when I have the time and patience. Our go-to meal is often oven roasted vegetables with tzatziki sauce and fried chicken breast. It’s quick, easy and usually quite healthy!

7.  You can’t live without what types of foods?

Carbs 🙈.

Oatmeal, pasta, rice, couscous, you name it!

8.  What kinds of drinks do you prefer?

I’m not too crazy when it comes to drinks. I typically stick to a standard water, wine or beer diet, but when I have a night out and am looking to splurge, I don’t mind a mojito every now and again!

9. Do you have any tip for our readers?

I’m not a cook, nor am I much of a crazy foodie, but I do often tell my friends that diets are no way to live life. If we simply stuck to following the food guide and avoided the rest (i.e. refined sugars, additives, etc.), while eating appropriate portions, most of us would still be able to live a happy, healthy and indulgent lifestyle.

10. How about food from Düsseldorf? Do you like it?

Düsseldorf food is fun and playful, take Sol Eier for example, I don’t even enjoy eggs that much, but when I’m told to cut them in half, scoop out the yellow yolk, add mustard, oil, vinegar, mash it all together and scoop it back into the egg…

I love eggs! While I wouldn’t necessarily say that I enjoy the Düsseldorf cuisine, I do find it unique and intriguingly fun!

11. Is there something special you eat here and in Canada you weren’t?

In general, I find it much easier (and a lot more fun) to eat healthy and fresh ingredients here than in Canada. There are tons of local markets in Germany and fresh food is affordable here!

If you’d like to get in contact with Jenna check out her website here.



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