Vanessa, the American founder of Vejuice moved from NYC to Düsseldorf  to be with her love and wanted to bring her passion for health and fitness to her new city.  Inspired by the success and popularity of juice shops she frequented in New York,  she wanted to create that same experience for Düsseldorf and Germany. She is running successful Vejuices and you can order delicious cold-pressed juices or 1 day to 3 days cleanses. She is also great yoga teacher with warm, calming voice. I invited her today for my very first interview. We want to know some foodie secrets from this wonderful woman!

Two favorite „Vejuice“ for all day.

1. What are your favourite memories about food from your childhood?  

My mom is a great cook and I always remember sitting at the counter bar in the kitchen when my mom cooked dinner.  We always had dinner together as a family for as long as I can remember.  I grew up having a wonderful relationship with food and never had any problems eating whatever my mother cooked.  Well, everything except Lima Beans, which I still do not eat.

2.​ Do you know ​the meaning of the word aphrodisiac?

Sure thing, it is something that stimulates your libido when you digest it (or can also be external (perfumes, scents, etc)

​3. Do you believe that natural aphrodisiacs ​as food  ​work?

Totally!  Food makes people happy and in turn can make them VERY happy 😉

4. ​What is the most  romantic place you ever been ​to and what  ​were you eating?

That’s a tough question as I always find that most of my meals with my husband are romantic whether we are eating at home or dining out.  We usually have a nice bottle of wine, good food and wonderful conversation.  If I had to pinpoint the MOST romantic place, it would be in Paris.  My husband (then boyfriend) and I had just started dating and he flew us for a weekend away to Paris and I would say every meal was tasty and romantic because we were having an incredible time together!

5. How do you imagine ​a perfect romantic dinner?  

With my husband with great food, a lovely bottle of wine and great conversation.

6. Are there any food​s you would like to try?

I have tried SO many foods in my life I am not sure there are any on my „list“.

7. Are there any foods you wouldn’t like to try?

Since becoming a vegetarian, there are a few things I no longer eat, but do not have any ill will towards them, I just personally choose to no longer eat them.

8. ​Do you like cooking?

Absolutely love cooking, I cook pretty much every day for my family and myself. What ​do you usually  cook for yourself? I love trying new recipes.  Of course I have my go to’s but I try to mix it up and make anything from Mexican to Indian to Buddha bowls.

9. ​​You can’t live without ​what types of foods?

Fruits and veggies.  I am not a big snacker, but love to eat fruits as my snack.

10. ​What kind​s of drinks do you prefer?

Fruit and vegetable juices from Vejuice and I love a nice glass of red wine or Riesling in the summer

11. Do you have any tip for our readers?  

You must enjoy food.  I love eating and do not let silly things such as calories restrict me from eating what I like.  Of course I watch my portions and I take care not to eat too many things that are high fat, but I also do not limit my palate.  I follow the 80/20 rule, where 80 percent of the time I eat super healthy and clean(ish) and 20 percent of the time I indulge. Life should be lived and eating is a part of this beautiful life.

Thank you for answering these interview questions for us Vanessa! We loved to read your answers!

Have fun,


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  1. Marci sagt:

    Cold pressed juices are also aphrodisiacs aren’t they? 🙂

    1. Playcookwithme sagt:

      Some of them are definitely great libido booster 😉❤️

  2. henry sagt:

    Hi there! Your post is so interesting. Congrats !

    1. Playcookwithme sagt:

      thank you Henry! 🙂

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