Today I review of one of my favourite films by Woody Allen – ‘Midnight in Paris’. This film is not about food or similar things, but it is wonderful played out story, where art and the greatest artists all time are included. I love art and painting. This is basically a light, cheerful, smart and witty romantic comedy, in which something plays important role … moving through time.

At the very beginning, the director shows us a few opening-minute sequences of the most beautiful shots of Paris – to the rhythm of enchanting music. In this way, we are convinced by Allen that Paris is a beautiful city. After a while we get to know the main characters of the story – Hollywood screenwriter Gil (Owen Wilson) and Inez (Rachel McAdams), his beautiful fiancée.

Relationship problems

From the first dialogue of the two lovers, we can easily guess that they are completely incompatible with each other and I must say I regret a bit that it is so evident. Almost every scene is confirmed in this belief. We also observe how gradually this awareness also reaches Gil, who, although he has been successfully suppressing it for a long time, begins to notice that his relationship is not as successful as he wished.

However, before he comes to such a revelation, Gil will have to face the parents of his fiancée, her buffoon friends, endure a few humiliations, improve in the art of avoiding social obligations and of course, experience the adventure of his life.

It all starts in a comical way: in Gil’s conversations with Inez, there are more and more differences of opinion on fundamental themes (Gil would most likely throw away scriptwriting, become a writer and settle in Paris, Inez dreams of a prosperous life in Malibu and counts on Gil’s failure as a writer. He will again devote himself to profitable writing scripts for Hollywood). Gil’s fiancée’s parents hardly accept their daughter’s husband to be. In addition, an ex-boyfriend of Inez, Paul, an expert on art and wine, appears in the vicinity. He (Michael Sheen) came to Paris at the same time to give a lecture at the Sorbonne. Gil, who loves Paris and wants to enjoy it, constantly has to adapt to the plans of his fiancée, spend time with her friends in classes, which do not interest him. And he must listen to the over-intellectual pedantic arguments of Paul, treated by Inez like an oracle.

The fact that Gil wants to avoid such a company is a natural way every man would want to behave. His great adventure begins when, one evening, a little hesitant, he decides not to go with Inez, Paul and his companion to dance. Instead he chooses to take a stroll that evening through the streets of Paris. He loses his way and the clock strikes midnight…

Paris of the 1920s of the 20th century

Paris of the 1920s of the 20th century – the time and place most beloved by Gil – a city with an extraordinary atmosphere, filled with excellent artists and creators of culture, is finally given to him. Unexpectedly, he wanders in time, meets Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Luis Bunuel… Only among them, after the initial shock, though he felt like a fish out of water, he does become a friend without any difficulty, although he has been a recluse so far. Gil listens to Hemingway’s useful advice and Gertrude Stain helps work on his own novel. Finally – he meets a mysterious, liberated, graceful, thoroughly Parisian Adriana (wonderful Marion Cotillard), a muse to all great artists.

The plot of the film is not overly difficult to predict, but there are details that can surprise. History draws in, the narrative runs fast, there are no longitudes, and around almost every corner (there are plenty of horns among the winding streets of Paris), there is a tasty curiosity waiting for us and that’s probably what makes this film attractive.

Midnight in Paris it is a light film, not too complicated and inevitably heads towards a happy ending – known almost from the first scene. If the idea of ​​this story was born in the head of another director, we would probably have a different type romantic comedy but, Woody Allen, however, dresses a not too revealing story in a tasteful package.  This definitely increases the value of the film.

Woody Allen film that mean a lot to me

First of all, common and a big plus for Woody Allan movies, are the dialogues. They are not as brilliant as in his earlier works, but they are witty, light and natural. I met with the opinion that the film is not up to the quality of his earlier films but I do not share it, because I heard it with pleasure. Noteworthy are also scenes with the artistic legends of Paris of the 1920s, especially with Hemingway (Corey Stoll) and Dali (Adrien Brody). All of these legendary characters (except maybe Gertrude Stein, which the director has presented as an exceptionally normal and balanced person) are exaggerated and somewhat grotesque; Woody Allan highlighted their features which are especially striking when reading their biographies today. The director obtained original comedy effects and realized many witty scenes, that often ended with an attractive punch line.

The film is full of curiosities and is going to leave you in a good mood. It’s also a perfect film for romantic Netflix evenings with your love, probably enjoying good self-made truffles. The recipe is here, perhaps with a drink? Maybe gin?

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